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November 05, 2018

MCPWO Completes Spill Response on Red Run Drain

The Macomb County Public Works Office has completed clean-up operations on the Red Run Drain after a suspected oil spill into the drain occurred on Friday. It is believed a relatively small amount of oil entered the drain.

Thanks to notification by an alert citizen, MCPWO and the Clinton Township Fire Department was able to contain the oil in the drain before it entered the Clinton River. It is believed the oil or other petroleum-based product entered the drain in Oakland County or near where the drain crosses from Oakland County into Macomb. The exact source of the pollutant has not been found.

"It can be very difficult after the fact to find the exact source of such a small spill. We will remain vigilant, however and particularly appreciate the support and assistance of local residents in reporting pollution sources. Anyone who sees pollution entering one of our drains should call our 24-hour number, 877-679-4337, to report it," said Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller.

"I also want to thank again our local firefighters who responded so quickly and professionally to help us contain this material," Miller said.

The oil substance was removed from the drain by the use of several absorbent booms and pads, which were removed from the drain on Monday morning.

In late summer, a similar sheen was seen on the drain, also emanating likely from just west of Dequindre Road.

"It is very possible that these incidents are related. It could be run off from a business of some kind. We just ask everyone to be aware of how a heavy rain can wash materials into the drain. All the water from these drains all end up in Lake St. Clair, so it is imperative we all work together to prevent this kind of pollution," Miller said.


21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI, 48036