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Public Works Office
Candice S. Miller
21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036
(586) 469-5325


Chesterfield Township • Clinton Township • Fraser • Harrison Township • Lenox Township • Macomb Township
New Haven • Shelby Township • Sterling Heights • Utica • Washington Township • Selfridge Air National Guard Base

As engineers work to resolve the sinkhole emergency resulting in a blocked sewer line along 15 Mile Road in Fraser, residents and businesses of all affected communities are strongly urged—especially during rainstorms or while snow is melting—to take the following actions:

Follow rain conservation tips, if possible.

Limit showers to less than 5 minutes.

Run full loads of laundry or adjust water setting for smaller loads.

Utilize weather forecasts to plan water usage, minimizing whenever possible.


During Rainstorms or while snow is melting:

REDUCE overall water usage whenever possible.

CONSIDER using paper plates to avoid having to use water to wash dishes.

AVOID showering and using the dishwasher and/or washing machine until the rain has stopped.

MINIMIZE flushing. If possible, only flush when solid are in the toilet.

TURN OFF the water to brush your teeth.

All conservation efforts during the declared State of Emergency will help to protect basements from backup, the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair from sewage releases while technicians work to repair the collapsed sanitary sewer serving your community. Simple actions, such as turning off the tap when you brush your
teeth in the morning and before bedtime, can save up to eight gallons of water.

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