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Public Works Office
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21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036
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Welcome to the Public Works Portal!

The Macomb County Public Works Portal is a convenient, password-protected way for land developers, builders, engineers and homeowners to request a drain permit or soil erosion permit, submit plans for review by Public Works staff, see comments by our engineers and inspectors about your plans, schedule a drain inspection, pay the permit fee and download the permit once it’s approved. Best of all, you can use this online platform any hour of the day, 365 days a year! See our User Guide and videos for step-by-step assistance, and our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you still have questions, please call Soil Erosion at 586-469-5327 and for Plan Review call 586-469-5910, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.




Apply for a soil erosion permit here




Apply for a plan/storm water/drain review here




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Macomb County Plan Review and Permit Portal FAQS

How do I apply for a Permit Review?

Log into the Public Works Plan Review and Permit Portal, click on Apply for a Plan Review, and follow all steps to apply.

How do I access the online portal from my cellphone or tablet?

You can access on a tablet or phone if you use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for your browser. The Safari browser is not supported at this time. Cellphones and tablets are not recommended for submitting plans or permit applications through the Plan Review and Permit Portal.

How do I reset my password?

Click the “I’ve forgotten my password” link on the portal homepage.

What do I do if I forget my security answer?

Please call 586-469-5327 and ask for assistance.

How do I add a contact/responsible party to my account?

Log into the portal, click the “My Account” tab, scroll to “Contact Info”, click “Add a contact”, enter the new contact information.

How do I remove a contact/responsible party from my permit?

Log into the portal, click the “My Account” tab, scroll to “contact Info” click on “actions” drop down for the contact that you wish to remove. Select remove.

What do I do if the system cannot find my address?

Please type in your address manually in the required fields.

The owner information on the permit shows the old owner. How do I update the owner information?

Please transfer the permit into the new owner’s name. The transfer form is available on the Soil Erosion webpage, which needs to be filled out in full and uploaded via the Public Works Portal. A transfer fee will apply. NOTICE TO TRANSFEREE OF PROPERTY SUBJECT TO A (

How long does it take to pull a residential soil erosion permit?

It depends on the completeness of the application. The more required information you supply the quicker the process. Residential and smaller projects average a week or so, larger, more complex projects will take longer. Expect a 30 day turn around for the first review on larger projects.

How long does it take to pull a drain permit?

Approximately 90 days from submittal date. This timeline could vary based on project complexity. Project status may be checked on the web portal.

My Parcel number is not being recognized. What do I do?

Please verify the parcel ID number against your tax information, make sure there are not any typographical errors. If you are in a new subdivision or in the process of a parcel split you must wait until that process is complete and the new parcel ID numbers are issued before you apply for a permit. If you are still getting an error and the above do not apply please call the Soil Erosion Department at 586-469-5327 or Drain Department 586-469-5910.

Can I submit for a Soil Erosion permit without paying fees up front?

We do not require fees up front for a Soil Erosion Permit. You will receive and email notification when fees are due for your Soil Erosion permit.

Can I submit for a drain permit without paying fees up front?

You can submit the request and the plans, but the permit will not be issued until the fees are paid.

Can I add additional work to an existing permit?

Additional work may be added to a permit provided that the permit is in good standing. (No violations and the permit is not expired). We will need a written request along with a revised Soil Erosion Plan that shows the additional work. The plans must be reviewed and approved before any changes may be made to the existing permit.

How do I schedule a drain inspection online?

Click on the permit for which you wish to schedule an inspection. Go to the Record Detail dropdown and then select Inspections. Lastly, click on Schedule or Request Inspection.

How do I schedule a soil erosion inspection online?

Click on the permit for which you wish to schedule an inspection. Go to the Record Detail dropdown and then select Inspections. Lastly, click on Schedule or Request Inspection. Please note that only a Re-Inspection on a Violation can be scheduled online for Soil Erosion. Please call the office at 586-469-5327 to schedule any other inspection types.

How do I contact the Soil Erosion Department?

Please call us at 586-469-5327

How do I contact the Plan Review Department?

Please call us at 586-469-5910

How do I print a copy of my receipt for payments?

Select the Record Number and click on the Fees dropdown at the top of the page. Under Paid Fees select View Details and this will automatically generate a new receipt. You can save or print the receipt for your records.

How do I download my permit?

Once the payment is made you will receive an email with the permit number, go to “My Records” on your home page, select the permit number that you wish to download, select “record Information” and then go to the drop down and select attachments. Select “Drain Permit” or “Soil Erosion Permit” (in blue) once you hit the link the permit will download