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Public Works Office
Candice S. Miller
21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036
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Clinton River Spillway Habitat Restoration Project

The Clinton River Spillway was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1950 to provide flood control for Mount Clemens, Clinton Township and Harrison Township. It is a 2½ mile long, 80 foot wide man-made channel that runs in a southeasterly direction through from approximately Gratiot to Lake St. Clair near Metro Parkway.

Project Description

In 2011, Commissioner Marrocco, on behalf of the Clinton River Spillway Inter County Drain Drainage Board, received a NOAA-GLRI (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Great Lakes Restoration Initiative) grant for the planning and design of habitat improvements on the Clinton River Spillway.

The Project Team identified an opportunity for a $11-13 million investment in habitat restoration (aquatic and terrestrial), water quality improvement, invasive specie control and upgraded access, recreation, and flood conveyance improvements within drainage district property.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat restoration will include the Lake St. Clair estuary, riverbanks, nearbank areas, riparian corridor, floodplain and off-channel habitats which will provide diverse fish spawning, rearing, and refuge habitats for northern pike,yellow perch and a variety of warm and coolwater species. Lake St. Clair contains one of the most diverse fish communities in the Great Lakes with 45 different species. The Spillway contains 35 species, with the emerald shiner, spottail shiner, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish and brook silverside being the predominant classes.