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Public Works Office
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21777 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI 48036
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Macomb Interceptor and Sinkhole General Information

Notice: For all inquiries regarding the 15 Mile Road sinkhole please contact the Public Works office at 586-615-4196.  You may also email the Public Works Office directly at  For all news releases and related news articles please visit our newsroom.


Sewer Collapse Update March 1, 2017

Update on the status of the 15 Mile Road Sewer Interceptor collapse.

15 Mile Sewer Interceptor Overview

February 15, 2017
On Dec. 24, 2016, the Macomb Interceptor Drain Drainage District sewer interceptor collapsed along 15 Mile Road, at Eberlein Drive in Fraser, Mich. [...]

15 Mile Interceptor Collapse Update

February 14, 2017
Work continues from both the east and the west on the longterm bypass pipes that will carry all sewage flow around the collapsed interceptor. [...]


Sewer Collapse Update Feb 10, 2017

Update on the status of the 15 Mile Road Sewer Interceptor collapse.

Environmental Crisis Narrowly Averted After Tuesday's Rain

February 08, 2017
Macomb County Office of Public Works engineers turned on the sewage discharge pumps on Tuesday night. [...]

15 Mile Interceptor Collapse Update

February 08, 2017
The Macomb County Board of Commissioners will meet on Thursday, Feb. 9, to discuss establishing a $20 million line of credit to finance to be in place until the Office of Public Works sells bonds to pay for the ongoing work at the collapsed sewer interceptor. [...]

48-inch diameter bypass pipe

February 06, 2017
NO SEWAGE HAS BEEN DISCHARGED to Macomb County waterways since the initial collapse of the interceptor was stabilized in December 2016. . [...]

ALERT: Restrict Water Usage

January 26, 2017  
Shifting sediment has greatly reduced the amount of sewage able to flow through the damaged sewer interceptor line along 15 Mile Road in Fraser. The Macomb County Office of Public Works is urging residents and businesses of the 11 communities served by the line to reduce the flow of water going down their drains. [...]

Despite Rains, No Sewage Discharge at Sinkhole Site  

January 12, 2017  
After nearly an inch and a half of rain over the past 48 hours, as well as several inches of snow, the Office of Macomb County Public Works is pleased to report zero discharge of sewage into local waterways. The rainfall was a concern as the Public Works office continues to deal with reduced sewage flows related to the Fraser sinkhole. [...]

Emergency Sanitary Sewer Overflow Discharge Update 

December 30, 2016  
Work at the site of the 15 Mile Sewer/Sinkhole in Fraser continues 24/7, and homes and business served by the damaged sewer line can assist in this vital and important repair by conserving their water usage at this time. This is an opportunity for everyone to step up and help with this very critical situation that impacts so many of our friends and neighbors. [...]

Update on 15 Mile Sewer/Sinkhole Project  

December 30, 2016  
As of Dec. 29, considerable progress has been made on securing the site for the safety of workers and residents alike, with the installation of additional perimeter fencing, and preparations are being made to remove “leftovers” from the roadways that are associated with this 24/7 project. [...]

15 Mile Sewer Repair Team Requests Water Conservation Efforts

December 30, 2016  
We come to you today to share the location of temporary bypass pumping stations, discharge points, chlorination stations, and boom and skimmer placements as indicated on the accompanying map. [...]





Vehicle access to all businesses is being maintained. 15 Mile Road is open to local traffic only between Utica and Hayes. 15 Mile is closed completely at Eberlein Drive, but access is maintained to all homes in the area. Traffic conditions may change. Signs and flaggers will be present to direct diversions.



When: First reported Dec. 24

Where: Along 15 Mile Road between Utica and Hayes. At 15 Mile and Eberlein Dr, Fraser, MI 48026

What: 11-foot in diameter sewage pipe line. Flow is east to west. The line is owned by the Macomb Interceptor Drainage District (MIDD).

State of Emergency:

  • County declared on Jan. 5
  • State declared on Jan. 6

Impacted Homes: 2 homes on Eberlein condemned. 1 home on 15 Mile Road condemned. 20 homes on Eberlein were evacuated, 24 Dec 2016 – 8/9 Jan 2017 (15 days). 23 homes impacted in total.

Impacted communities: Fraser, Sterling Heights, Utica and New Haven and Chesterfield, Shelby, Clinton, Harrison, Lenox, Washington, and Macomb townships, plus Selfridge Air National Guard Base. According to 2015 Census Bureau numbers the communities in the MIDD district have a combined total population of 527,772. (Utica and New Haven are 2013 estimates). The communities have a combined total of more than 43,000 businesses (of all types) according to 2012 Census Bureau data. 

Sinkhole size: 300 feet by 100 feet

By-pass pump: First by-pass pump began operation on morning of Jan. 2

Sewage Discharge: Roughly 13 million gallons of sewage were discharged into the Clinton River on Dec. 24/25, 2016. As of Feb. 2, no further discharge has occurred.

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