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Environmental Education


Incredible Water Journey (2nd grade/ Water Festivals)

Approximately 45 minute presentation per class with 15 minute breaks. This presentation begins with a short discussion on water and the water cycle and then the students participate in an interactive water cycle game learning the flow of the water and how people can affect the quality of the water.

Pollution Solutions (3rd through 5th grade)

Approximately 1 hour presentation per class with 15 minute breaks. The presentation begins with a discussion about the importance of fresh water in all of our lives. The water cycle is reviewed and storm drains are introduced as part of the water cycle where we live. The students then work with a model of Macomb County complete with storm drains, water resources and various aspects of the county. Everyday sources of pollution are introduced and the students make it rain on the model. They view the accumulation of pollution as the streams and the Clinton River flow into Lake St. Clair. 

Water & the Urban Environment (6th through 12th grade)

This is approximately a 1 hour presentation per class that can be correlated with class periods and breaks that are set by the school schedule. This presentation focuses on the current state of the Great Lakes, the Clinton River Watershed and Lake St. Clair. The goal is for students to understand the value of our local waterways, current sources of water pollution, and how the government and Macomb County residents can help solve these problems.

Recycle Macomb County (4th grade through 12th grade)

Approximately 1 hour presentation with 15 minute breaks for up to 2 classes at a time. Grades 6 through 12 presentations can be correlated with class periods and breaks that are set by the school schedule. The presentation starts with information about garbage, how recycling saves natural resources, hazardous waste and what items are recyclable in Macomb County. The students then sort garbage into recyclable, hazardous waste, reusable or garbage bins. A Power Point presentation with photos of landfills and the remaking of the various materials follow. To complete the circle, various items made from recycled materials are shown.

Multiple Grade Green Assembly (3rd through 6th grade)

Approximately 45 minute presentation per group in an auditorium setting with 15 minute breaks. This presentation covers garbage and how we can reduce, reuse, recycle and rebuy items so they do not end up in the garbage. A zero garbage lunch activity is done with student volunteers from the group to show how students can impact the amount of garbage they generate every day.

Stewardship Presentation and a Recycling Presentation (Adult Groups)

These presentations are usually 1 hour long. You can choose from either the Stewardship Presentation that mirrors the Water & Urban Environment or the Recycling Presentation that is similar to Recycle Macomb (see above). Time will be set aside for questions and discussions.

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